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Ambisonic Downloads

Here are some links for downloads of ambisonically recorded material and documents about ambisonics.  This page is being developed; at present all links are to downloads from the cloud, but in the future some links may be torrents, some may be from this server, some may come from the cloud, and any of these may or may not require some kind of login.

The ambisonic material has started with my making available again all the files that I published on Ambisonia, in B-format (.AMB), 4.0 G-format (.DTS) and/or Stereo-UHJ, as available.  Also, John Leonard and Aaron Heller have kindly given me permission to add all their files that were on Ambisonia.

Although Ambisonia is now happily coming back on line, I shall leave this resource in place for the time being.

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