What I Received

TetraMic bits

The TetraMic is sold for $999 - but that is just the mic and shockmount (or clip).  You can't use it without some cables, but the particular cables required depend on how you are going to use the mic.  I ordered all the options, and asked for both microphone mounts, and what I got is shown in the photo below:
TetraMic  - items in delivery
The TetraMic itself came in a waterproof carrying box; the cables and mounts arrived in stout reusable plastic bags, and the PPAs in protective bubblewrap bags (they are sitting on one in the photo).  The shockmount is standard, but the clip can be requested instead (I was kindly allowed to have both).  Europeans should note that the mounts have the 5/8 inch thread usual in the United States, but mine came without adapters for the 3/8 inch threads usual in Europe; these are readily obtained, of course. 
Neumann angle bracketA little harder to get is the right-angle connection that is necessary with the shockmount; this is designed for the microphone to stand or hang in vertically, but then requires to connect to a horizontal thread rather than the vertical thread at the top of a stand.  You could use a short boom, of course, but for general usage I bought a Neumann SG-5 swivel mount (see the picture alongside, which shows it with the required thread adapter on) - similar items with a ball joint are made by other manufacturers.


There is also a foam windshield available, which I got a little later.  Because of the complex shape of the head of the microphone, this is a large hollow item, with a plug at the bottom which fits tightly over the stem of the TetraMic.  There is also a shaggy windcheater which slips over the foam windshield.  The fitting of the windshield onto the mic is not at all positive, and I would prefer to use it with the mic hanging downwards so that the windshield hangs round it, rather than standing pointing upwards with the windshield possibly flopping asymmetrically against it.
TetraMic windshields
Since I wrote the paragraph above, it has occurred to me that the intention of the design might be that the plug should be pushed right up inside the foam so that they rest firmly against the capsules.  This would certainly be more stable than the way I have tried it.
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