Summary and Conclusions


I'm not quite sure why I made a separate page for this - I suppose it's usual in reviews.  So what are my headline points?

I guess this sounds like a puff - but it really isn't.  Of course, if it had been really bad, I might have said so, but I certainly wouldn't have gone to the trouble of writing this much - I am not a paid journalist or publicist.  I'm not saying this is the best microphone ever made - I can't, because I don't know your criteria for "best".  I wouldn't use the TetraMic for close-miking a kick drum or trumpet, for instance, and I don't know if it's quiet enough for nature recording, but for what I do it's so far been well-nigh perfect.  Doug Self's term blameless seems ideal to me.


I must thank Len Moskowitz and Richard Lee for correcting facts and pointing out misleading statements.  But do not think they censored this - it's on my server in my attic!

But most of all I must thank them, and Dave McGriffy, and anyone else involved whose names I may not know, for designing the TetraMic system and enabling me to have a soundfield microphone of my own after all these years.

Paul Hodges (signature)
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