Sample Recordings


A number of my recordings using the TetraMic are available for download here.  All of my recordings since July 2007 (except the Ceilidh) were done using it. 

(I will update the page sometime to show which microphone was used for each recording.)


Below are links to some samples of stereo created from TetraMic recordings using different techniques.  I may expand this when other interesting sounds are available.

Blumlein is crossed figures of eight;
is a front-facing cardioid and cross-facing figure of eight;
is generated by Angelo Farina's method using convolution.

Cherwell Singers sing "Crossin' Ovah"

This was recorded in the Magdalen Auditorium, which is a general-purpose auditorium with an acoustic biased towards speech - that's to say, it's rather dry, and gives some brittleness at HF.  The soprano soloist is well to the left.

Download Blumlein
Download MS
Download UHJ
Download B-format

Cherwell Singers sing "It was a lover and his lass"

This is a setting by Rutter, recorded in the Holywell Music Room.  You get to hear a piano and bass as well as the choir.

Download Blumlein
Download UHJ
Download B-format

Clarke - Untitled number 3

This piece was recorded at The Warehouse - a studio in London.  The performer is Nicolas Hodges.  The piece is quiet throughout, so you get plenty of opportunity to judge the noise levels - both hiss, and rumble from the air conditioning.  This download is much bigger than the others.

Download Blumlein
Download B-format

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